Potato-Based Toy Trifecta

dc starches.jpg

?In addition to The Caped Cru-Tater (not his real name but it totally should be), PPW Toys will be releasing the above Superman Mr. Potato Head and an actual toy based on the art of Wonder Woman Ms. Potato Head above, around the end of the summer. You can pre-order them at Big Bad Toy Store for $20 each. I have to say, I don’t approve of these themed Potato Heads not having potato-based pun names. Hasbro, I suggest Tuberman and Wonder Wo-Mash. Email me at [email protected] to find out where to send my check.


?? Apparently at some point ThinkGeek started offering an official Portal 2 GlaDOS as Potato Science Kit, AND NOBODY TOLD ME. No one told me that it lights up and speak 17 phrases from the game, that it comes with a mini Aperture Science Fair project backdrop, or that it uses a real potato but since a real potato can’t power the light and sound chip so it has its own battery but then it actually has a potato sensor so it won’t work unless you use a potato anyways. No one told me you can order it here for $25 (currently on sale). I’m vastly disappointed in all of you.