Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Ultraman Instant Noodle Timer


?What’s that? You say you love cup noodles but waiting for them to cook takes you away from watching Ultraman? Man, did you just hit the jackpot. This replica of the warning light from the Japanese pop culture hero’s costume changes colors and plays Ultraman sound effects when the three minutes it takes to heat most ramen up is through. Making it even cooler is a magnetic backing that lets you attach it to your fridge or, with a little effort, your clothes. (See this thing in action here).

I know some of you are probably disappointed because there’s no sexual overtones to this like there are with the delightfully depraved Super Terrific Japanese Things that Rob usually features, but as the substitute teacher here today I don’t want to step on his toes. However, I suppose you could fantasize that this was a robot’s breast if you must. Sigh.

Interested parties (for whatever reasons) can pick this up for a mere $38 at the Japan Trend Shop.