The New Avatar: Legend of Korra Trailer Is Pretty Damn Life-Affirming Too

I wouldn’t say this Legend of Korra trailer is quite as satisfying as the Game of Thrones season 2 trailer (a personal preference, possibly) and I’m not sure it’s as awesome as some of the previous Korra trailers and clips have indicated the show will be. However, if Nickelodeon is making their own TV spots for the series, that indicates to me that the show will be coming sooner rather than later, which is A Very Good Thing.

Question: There very well could be a week where Game of Thrones and Legend of Korra are on TV, at the same time Avengers is in movie theaters. Will this be the greatest nerd week of all time? And if so, how do we carry own knowing that for the rest of our lives, things will never get better than the did in that week? You know, besides drinking?