Tim Burton Somehow Not Directing What Is Obviously a Tim Burton Movie

kolchak the depp stalker.jpg

?Okay. Let’s break this newly announced movie down.
? Is it a remake of a weird and/or cult classic TV series or movie? Check.
? Is it being released by Disney, meaning it’ll be PG-13 at the most? Check.
? Is Johnny Depp going to star? Check.
These are all things that can describe most of Tim Burton’s oeuvre over the last decade, but also the upcoming movie remake of the cult classic ’70s TV series Kolchak the Night Stalker. And yet, somehow, Tim Burton is not directing it; instead, Edgar Wright has been hired to direct and oversee the project from scratch. But if Danny Elfman isn’t doing the soundtrack I’ll eat one of Johnny Depp’s ridiculous-but-very-attractive-on-him hats.

This strikes me as totally bizarre. I wonder if Tim Burton is pissed that Wright is stealing a project that’s exactly like everything else he’s made over the last several years, or if he’s just happy that more Tim Burton movies are getting made without him? (Via Bloody-Disgusting)