Today in Non-News: Blade Runner 2 and Star Trek TV

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?Ready to talk about important people talking about important things but not actually doing them? Well, get this:

? Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer told AICN that they’ve been talking together about making a new Star Trek TV show.
? Twitch has heard from its sources that Harrison Ford is in very preliminary talks to do Blade Runner 2.

Now, before either of these items get your underoos in a twist, please remember neither of these projects are even close to happening. The Bryans haven’t talked to a network, and a network hasn’t ordered a pilot. No one’s greenlit Blade Runner 2, there are no contracts or anything, and we don’t even know if Ford said yes — Ridley Scott and him had coffee together. That’s all

There are a few reasons why these non-news items are notable, though; first, Bryan Fuller is awesome, and Bryan Singer isn’t bad, and if anyone was going to make a new Trek series I’d think that would be a pretty solid team. As for Blade Runner, well, Twitch is infinitely more trustworthy than those sites, plus, if there is another Blade Runner movie, Ford being in it would indicate it’s a sequel, not a prequel or a reboot, which would be the lesser of the three evils. I’d just as soon have nothing, but leaving incredible, classic genre movies alone is clearly an impossibility at this point.