Bill Adama: The Early, Slightly Less Drunk and Depressed Years

SyFy’s finally released a trailer for the Battlestar Galactica two-hour prequel Blood & Chrome, which stars a young Bill Adama joining the Galactica and… well, if the original series is any indication, having a lot of depressing shit happen to him in-between a few moments of extreme action and violence. The good news is that this trailer does look pretty awesome, if somewhat incomprehensible. The bad news is — well, at least to me, as I just found this out — that the show was shot almost entirely on greenscreen, using scans of the sets from the original BSG show, which sounds terrible. Some studios could pull that off, but I don’t think SyFy is one of them. The question remains whether Blood & Chrome will end up as a TV series or a web series; I’m thinking the latter, but mostly because SyFy hates sci-fi. Maybe if Adama challenges to the Cylons to a wrestling match or ghost hunting competition, though… (thanks to everyone who sent in the tip).