Exercise Routines of the Living Dead

You may be tired of zombies. You may hate The Walking Dead, you may be sick of John George Romero, you may even refuse to play Plants Vs. Zombies (although if so, I pity you). But I hope you will respect, if not genuinely admire, the new iPhone app Zombies, Run!

Basically, Zombies, Run! is a combination exercise game and audio adventure which turns your jog/run into a fictional fight for survival. It creates a route based on your location, and then as you run, feeds you destinations — like supplies to “pick up” for your “base” — and more importantly, zombies to run from. But when the exercise is over, the game isn’t — you have to divvy up the supplies among the survivors in your base, and there’s a lot of drama going on and it’s just brilliant. It makes exercising entertaining, nerdy and outright awesome, and I could not be more impressed. Apparently it’s coming to Android in the spring, so non-iPhone users who would like the motivation of flesh-eating zombies chasing them to get their exercise on won’t be left behind. You can find out more here, and purchase it here.