Game of Thrones Trifecta: Bewilderingly Awesome New Trailer, Disney, Simpsons

I don’t know why HBO decided to put out a new Game of Thrones season 2 trailer so quickly after the last one, but this new one is so good I want to take it back behind the middle school and get it pregnant (apologies to Tracy Jordan). Seriously, if there weren’t less than a month until the first episode, I’d probably riot, because I cannot possibly wait an extra minute for this thing. The other, goofier videos are after the jump.

? First up, Disney’s Game of Thrones

Thanks to Greg B. for the tip.

? …followed by The Simpsons’ GoT opening credit homage from last night’s episode.

Both of these are clever and well done and the Simpsons one especially is very cool. However, I think I’ll ignore them to go watch the new official trailer a few hundred more times. (Via Geekosystem)