I’m Overdosing on New Game of Thrones Trailers, and I Love It

I’m actually kind of pissed that HBO decided to release three new trailers for season 2 of Game of Thrones all in the last month before it airs. Couldn’t they have spaced them out a bit more, and kept me from losing my mind so much throughout 2011? Still, it’s hard to be too upset when I’m mainlining new GoT footage directly into my eyestems. Oh, when the high wears off, I imagine I’ll be grumpy and wish HBO hadn’t crowded them all together. But now I just want to wallow in new shots of Robb being a badass,  scenes of Cersei and Tyrion, I think what was maybe a second of a bundled up Ygritte, and that fantastic closing line. If I could rub a TV show trailer all over my naked body, I would be doing it right this instant.