Kickstarter Trifecta: Super-Powered Revenge Christmas, Dome, Jurassic Farce

? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for Bill Corbett. Or at least he would like for it to be. You see, the MST3K and Rifftrax legend recently started a Kickstart campaign to fund an e-book adaptation of his 2010 play Super-Powered Revenge Christmas. (Think of the project as an Alan Moore-styled deconstruction of Christmas icons like Santa Claus and The Grinch with more humor and less ruminating about man’s destructive tendencies/the non-linear nature of time). Handling art duties on the project will be Geek a Week‘s Len Peralta, so expect the finished project to be slickly illustrated and way nerdy to boot. Corbett is hoping to raise $23,000 so that the final product can be ready in time for Christmas this year. The campaign runs through April 28th, and you can get involved here.
? Billing itself as “the epic journey of a simple robot,” Dome is a post-Wall-E CGI-animated project created by Brandon Fayette. Fayette has worked on a variety of J.J. Abrams projects — including Star Trek and Cloverfield — and this labor of love will have him collaborating with the digital content/distirbution company Mighty Treehouse to bring the story of an artificial being’s quest to return home to life. In-depth details about the proposed animated series whose nine episodes would form a feature film can be found above. Check it out, and let the “awww”ing commence.  

? Remember that old sketch from The State in which Thomas Lennon performed a one-man version of Jurassic Park? Well the next best thing to that becoming a reality is the Old Murder House Theatre’s Jurassic Farce stage extravaganza. The Austin, Texas-based performance troupe — best known for their amazing Aliens on Ice show, as well as theatrical adaptations of Robocop and Back to the Future — now have Steven Spielberg’s dinoepic in their comedic cross-hair. Theater may never be the same again. If their riotous Kickstarter campaign video (seen above) is any indication, this ambitious touring production will be unmissable. Lots more information/humor can be found here. By all means check it out, as these folks are clearly brilliant. (Via Badass Digest)