Mattel Finally Serves Up a Michael Caine as Alfred Figure

dark knight wises.jpg

?Good news for fans of action figures of elderly white men! Mattel has finally gotten around to making a Michael Caine as Alfred figure, as part of this summer’s Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters line. Seriously, I know this a figure that Bat-fans have wanted for years, so it’s cool it’s finally happening — and I won’t mock anyone excited by the news. And for those fans of action figures of young white men, Mattel offers a new figure of Officer Blake (pictured left). Yes, this unknown character played b y Joseph Gordon-Levitt may end up being phenomenally important and/or cool in the movie, but that’s not going to change the fact this is a toy of a guy who looks almost nothing like Joseph Gordon-Levitt wearing black pants and a black winter jacket. The only reason someone could buy this thing without earning my scorn is to customize it into a Bob the Goon figure from Batman ’89. (Via ToyNewsI)