Movies That Are In No Danger of Getting Made Yet Trifecta: Sin City 2, Y: The Last Man, The Dark Tower

? Robert Rodriguez says Sin City 2 will start filming this year. I wouldn’t hold your breath. (Via /Film)


?? New Line wants writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia of Jericho and Human Target TV kinda-fame to do the Y: The Last Man movie script. Since they haven’t officially been hired yet and Y: The Last Man would work infinitely better as a TV series anyways, I wouldn’t freak out. (Via First Showing)

? Apparently Warner Bros. is thinking of picking up Ron Howard’s Dark Tower movie/TV series/thingie, which still has Javier Bardem attached to star. Even if WB says yes, god only knows how long it’ll take to start filming, so I wouldn’t hold your breath, freak out, or anything else, really. (Via Coming Soon)