Seriously HBO, You’ve Got to Stop with the Game of Thrones Footage

I suppose I should clarify; HBO has not released another astoundingly awesome preview for Game of Thrones season 2. No, now they’re releasing actual clips from the season 2 premiere — six of them, to be precise. That’s too much! I don’t want to spoil the first episode for myself, but how can I resist watching these six videos? Goddammit, HBO, don’t you know how weak-willed I am? Base your marketing and promotion campaigns around my spinelessness!

So far, I’ve managed to confine myself to watching only one clip, namely that of Tyrion giving Joffrey a bit of shit in the video above (I’m not made of stone). The other five videos are hanging at, if you have less compunction than I do. Oh, and if you really don’t care about spoilers, you can read about a sneak preview and accompanying party over at TR‘s sister site Westword. WARNING: SPOILERS ABOUND. You’ve been warned.