Here’s the First 10 Extremely Wack Minutes of The FP

While I still think 10 minutes is way too long a “clip” to use as a preview, here’s why I went ahead and watched the first 10 minutes of the Dance Dance Revolution-as-gang-war movie The FP. It’s not because I’m less excited about it than John Carter, because I’m certainly not. It’s because the major events of the first 10 minutes of the movie have been pretty adequately covered in The FP‘s regular trailers, so you’re not really getting spoiled — you’re just getting to see more of the (awesomely ridiculous) world. Plus, god only knows if or when The FP is coming out in your area (it turns out the sole DC showing is in Alexandria between March 17th-23rd, and given my current craziness, I doubt I’ll be able to see it. I will, however, do a TR meet-up in April, for reals). Basically, I doubt this 10 minute clip will make you want to see The FP any less — or, if you’re one of those poor people who can’t find joy in watching dystopian gangs battle via dancing arcade games, at least it probably won’t make you want to see the movie any less.