The New Shazam Looks Like Shazit

The NY Post revealed the first pic of the new Shazam, n?e Captain Marvel, this morning, who debuts as a back-up story in Justice League #7 on March 21st. And… uh… well, just look at him.


?My thoughts:
? I know many of you guys are still upset about the name change, and I don’t begrudge it of you. I’m personally fine with it, but I understand how it mucks about with your fundamental perception of the character and, more specifically, his powers.
? That said… eesh. Looks like Jim Lee started designing Shazam here from the boots, belt and cape — always his favorites — before someone realized what the fuck was going on and stopped him.
? I know the DCnU style is to overdesign everything, but holy shit Shazam’s costume is magic. Magic does not need three buckles on its boots.
? Seriously, a hood, a snarl of rage and barely contained use of his
power? I’m not a Captain Marvel/Shazam fan, but if there’s one superhero
who shouldn’t be emo or angry, shouldn’t it be Shazam? Isn’t not being emo pretty much his defining personality trait?

? The only way this picture works is if Billy Batson is a major Assassin’s Creed fan. And ate Taco Bell
just before this picture was drawn. Then I guess it’s okay.