TR Contest: Best/Worst Nerd Dating Experience

contest image love.jpg

?As Ian Curtis so wisely pointed out, love will tear us apart. Then again, he eventually offed himself, so perhaps he isn’t the best source to turn to when it comes to matter of the heart. The pursuit of love, sex, and companionship is one of the most awkward things we humans can do. Regardless of our interests, backgrounds, etc we are all at least partially driven by our desire to connect with an other person, be it on a physical or emotional level. And thus, we date.

Dating can be beautiful, it can be brutal, or all or none of these things. Everybody’s dating experience differs, and as such is rich with tales of human interest.These days everyone is a little nerdy, and geek love is alive and well.Love is out there to be found regardless of whether you are super into Deep Space Nine, have every Harry Potter book memorized or just really like getting humped while dressed as a bunny. So for today’s contest I want to hear your nerdiest dating tales of triumph or tragedy. Did you ever get dumped by someone because you constantly beat them at Apples to Apples?  Or did you ever have to fight seven of your would-be girlfriend’s evil exes? Here’s your chance to turn your pain (or pleasure) into a Topless Robot T-shirt.

You can enter twice, once for best dating experience, once for worst. Be honest and try to keep things brief, as I will read through each and every entry — no matter how embarrassing they may be. You have until Monday, April 2nd at 12:01am to get your entry in. Rob will be back on Monday, and I’ll post the results on Tuesday. Good luck folks!