Winter Is Coming. Also, Friendship

For no good reason other than the fact that the sole purpose of the Internet these days seems to be to facilitate weird pop culture mash-ups, YouTube user adecoy95 has created this video that gives the Game of Thrones intro a My Little Pony makeover.
Look people, I’ll be totally honest with you. The My Little Pony thing bothers me in the same way that things like cuddle parties do. Simply put, I find the manufactured cuteness of Brony culture disquieting. And how come it was the ponies and not, say, Pound Puppies were deemed worthy of a comeback? POUND PUPPIES WERE STUFFED DOGS WHO WOULD BE PUT DOWN IF THEY WEREN’T ADOPTED YOU HEARTLESS BASTARDS!

Um, sorry about that. Anyways, I think Bronies and non-Bronies like myself can all agree on one thing: the rock version of the Game of Thrones theme featured here is pretty top notch.

You know what the really troubling thing is? This isn’t even the oddest GoT video I’ll be running today…