Battle Beasts Are Back, Baby


Finally! After scoring the Battle Beasts license in 2009, and then giving away a single totally awesome Gator Guard figure at Toy Fair 2010, Diamond Select has finally announced what the fuck they’re doing with Battle Beasts! Specifically, they’ll be revealing the first wave of figures at this year’s SDCC, and releasing a short preview of an upcoming Battle Beasts comic from IDW at this weekend’s C2E2. The figures will be done Mini-Mates style instead of fully sculpted figures, which is kind of sad but also probably for the best because then they can get a lot more variety out of them, which a line like BB needs to succeed. Also, there will be some kind of game component with the figures, because Diamond likes money and is not stupid.

I’m not exactly sure why I’m so excited for these things. I had exactly zero Battle Beasts as a kid, and I have zero knowledge of the franchise. And yet the idea of Diamond releasing dozens of tiny, angry animal warrior figures absolutely delights me. I can’t wait to see these things.