Boba Fett Is Dead (Again)


Bad news for all you folks who insist that Boba Fett broke out of the Sarlacc Pit after Return of the Jedi ended to run around in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The Expanded Universe just killed him again, in the opening pages of Blood Ties #1, hence the cover you see above. Apparently, all the people Boba has wronged over the years get together and shoot him in his chest at the comic’s beginning, he dies, and then the rest of the series is about a mysterious someone avenging his death. Assuming there’s no clone bullshit at the end, this is kind of impressively ballsy for Dark Horse to do. Although it would have been even ballsier if the all four issues had just been Boba Fett slowly being digested in the Sarlacc. (Via Newsarama)