DC Has a Moderate Amount of Power

DC’s doing a six-issue Masters of the Universe comic miniseries in July. Given my love of He-Man, and my complete inability to be satisfied with anything Masters of the Universe-related because nothing lives up to the franchise’s perfection which exists solely in my head, guess how I’m feeling about this? From Newsarama:

The series will run for six issues, and picks up in a world dominated by Skeletor, who has made Eternia’s heroes forget their Master-ful nature. After the Sorceress awakens He-Man to his true purpose, he embarks on a quest to restore the rest of the gang.


For fuck’s sake. Why can’t I just get a straight-up He-Man comic? Why can’t I read about He-Man kicking Skeletor’s ass? I don’t want to read about Superman not using his powers to walk across America, and I don’t want to read about He-Man finding himself and getting the goddamn band back together. Why does everything have to have a fucking conceit?

“I know for a fact that a certain generation of people, who grew up at the right time, hold genuine affection for Masters of the Universe,” said [writer James]Robinson, who’s currently writing Earth 2 and Shade for DC.


“Unbelievable as it may sound to you and me, there seems to be a certain generation of people who hold genuine affection for this ridiculous, terrible series! Ha ha! Boy, it takes all kinds, doesn’t it?