Harley Quinn Is Back, Bad, and Possibly No Longer Blonde in Arkham City

When the Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year edition comes out on May 29th, it will include a lot of shit: The Catwoman DLC, the Nightwing DLC, the Robin DLC, all the various Batman skins, and a code to download the animated Batman: Year One movie (which I actually can’t remember if I’ve seen yet, now that I think about it). It will also include “Harley Quinn’s Revenge,” which you can see about five seconds of in the above trailer (note: I think Harley did something to her hair. She looks kind of messed up, which, for a girl that dates a psychotic mass murderer, is saying something). This may be actual missions, or challenge maps like the other DLC, or god knows what else — all that matters is that you can finally play as Harley Quinn, assuming you buy the GotY edition. Hopefully, “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” will be available as DLC later for us poor bastards who made the mistake of buying the game when it originally came out, but who knows. All I want to do is be Harley Quinn and hit Batman in the face with a giant mallet and not pay $60 for the experience. Is that really too much to ask? (Via Kotaku)