Here’s Some of the 2012 SDCC Exclusives You Have No Chance of Purchasing

motuc vykron.jpg

Mattel and Hasbro revealed a few of their San Diego Comic Con exclusives toys. We’ll start with Mattel, and their MOTUC exclusive — the original three He-Man figures used to pitch MOTU to Mattel. The pack will actually be one figure, with the accessories to change him into a barbaran, a barbarian with a jetpack with wings, or a tank-dude, all of which somehow look even more male stripper-y than MOTU figures normally do. I’m genuinely relieved it’s not anything as essential as Prince Adam or Queen Marlena for once.

Other Mattel exclusives including a Ghostbusters Dana Barret as Zuul, a DC villainesses Polly Pocket three-pack, a cute Tiny Titans PVC figurines 5-pack, and this:


A DCUC figure of Death from Sandman, a figure everyone will want and almost no one will be able to buy. Sorry about your luck, folks. You can see pics of the other figures at Poe Ghostal. As for Hasbro, they only revealed a few new Transformers exclusives, but that includes…


…fucking Fall of Cybertron Bruticus. Holy shit, people. Apparently there will be a mass retail Bruticus, but this is the bigger and better one. There will also be a zombie Cliffjumper figures from Transformers Prime, which you can see pics of at Seibertron (also more Bruticus pics, too).