Reminder: New Episodes of Legend of Korra Premiere Tomorrow

korra you gotta deal with it.jpg

Note I didn’t just say “The Legend of Korra premieres tomorrow.” That’s because, thanks to the fact that I watched the first two episodes of a few weeks ago when they premiered early, I totally forgot to remind you that The Legend of Korra actually premiered last week. I’m a terrible nerd blogger.

But if you’ve also happened to have already seen the first two episodes of The Legend of Korra (which I highly recommend), you should be aware that the show’s first TV premiere episode (a.k.a. episode 3) will air this Saturday at 11am EST on Nickelodeon. You don’t want to miss it. And if you missed those first two episodes, Nick will replay them tonight at 8pm EST, and tomorrow morning at 8am EST, so you can watch or set your DVRs or whatever. Just don’t miss it. Seriously.