Sometimes Stormtroopers Say Things, and When They Do, These Are the Kinds of Things They Say

The one and only time I posted a nerdy version of the “Shit So-and-so Say” meme, you commenters were so infuriated you leapt into your computer monitors and came out of mine to tear me limb-from-limb in a violent rage, using my blood to write horrible warnings to future nerd bloggers to never post anything related to “Shit People Say” ever again (metaphorically speaking). So it’s with a mild amount of trepidation that I post “Shit Stormtroopers Say,” even though it was made by TR contributor and Death Star PR director Robbie Boland, and is quite funny. Still, I’ve scheduled this post to run while I’m out at a doctor’s appointment, so if you hate me for it you’ll have to content yourselves to posting violent, terrifying threats in the comments.