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The Walking Dead, The Obnoxious Blu-Ray Case


I apologize if this is old news, but I’ve just discovered the limited edition Blu-ray packaging for The Walking Dead season 2 (which you can pre-order here for $70). As you can see, it’s a mini-bust of the screwdriver zombie, in which you flip up the head to get to the Blu-rays inside. Obviously, some people like these sorts of things, and if you do, I don’t begrudge it of you. But personally, as a person who values uniformity in my DVDs and Blu-ray packaging, who needs to maximize his shelf space, and who doesn’t care to have baseball-sized, mediocre sculptures of zombie heads in his living area, I hate it. Like, it makes me angry just to look at it. Even though there’s virtually no chance I’ll ever own it. I think I need to up my medication. (Via Geeks Are Sexy)