Topless Robot Self-Indulgent Trifecta: Shirts, Meet-Up, Contest

new tr shirts big.JPG

? What’s that I see? Is that a brand-new Topless Robot shirt? It is indeed. It’s based on the old proof-of-purchase things on the back of the old Kenner Star Wars figures, which you may or may not remember, but I absolutely adore. Also it makes it clear that Topless Robot is a website, which is probably a good thing. Anyways, these are the new official prize shirts for now until I get tired of them — which means the contests are completely reset, and anybody can win a prize regardless of whether they’ve won before. Now, I do still have a few of the old TR shirts left in a few random sizes; I will be sending those out as I feel appropriate until I get rid of them. also this means the dozen or so people who I owe TR shirts from the last couple months of contests will finally be getting them.

? I’m moving out of DC at the end of May, so I better do another DC Meet-up — this one will be on Saturday, May the 12th, at 4-9pm or so — right now I’m thinking Mackey’s on L between 18th and 19th. It’s not the greatest pub, but the beer is cheap, and there’ll be plenty of room. With two weeks notice, I hope to see some of you folks there!
? Because I wanted to make this a trifecta — plus I’m feeling unusually conceited today — today’s TR contest will be about TR. The theme: Topless Robot haiku. Traditional 5-7-5 syllable structure, please. They can be about the site, the robot mascot, FFF (I’m assuming most of them will be FFF-related), how you hate the new shirts, or my many, many flaws as a writer, blogger, and human being. Five entries per person. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, April 30th. See you Monday, my little sparklings!