Videogame News Trifecta: Dr. McNinja, $1000 Resident Evil Limited Edition, That Sega x Namco x Capcom Project

? Somebody is making a Dr. McNinja game for online and phones, which will be free, but needs funds to be completed. The preview is above, the Kickstarter page is here. I assume that funds will go to improving the character animations… or at least I hope they will.

? Capcom is releasing a limited edition of Resident Evil 6 that costs nearly $1300. This is mostly because it contains a replica of Leon’s leather jacket, but still, HOLY SHIT A $1,000+ VIDEOGAME LIMITED EDITION. I like how SlyDante, who sent me the tip, put it: “This better be the best game ever or a cancer-curing jacket.” (Via Kotaku)

? That mysterious joint game that Sega, Bandai Namco and Capcom were working on? It’s a strategy RPG for the 3DS, of course. I’d make a wanking motion here, except that after all the Tron and Avengers posts, I don’t think I’m allowed to use a masturbation reference negatively anymore. (Via GameSpot)