All You Need Is (Nerd) Love

Hello, folks! I hope you had an excellent weekend. I’m not sure my weekend was really excellent per se — in the last three days I drove 16 hours across the country and then had to unload a 16-foot moving truck by myself (I know you’d think that, being a professional blogger, I’m in peak physical condition, but it actually turns out that’s not the case) — but I am safely moved, my internet works, and I managed to get my TV hooked up just in time to see Game of Thrones on Sunday night, which happened to be one of the best, most exciting episodes of TV I’ve ever seen. So really, I have no complaints. Except that I’m incredibly sore. And that none of my other shit is unpacked. But really, other than that, everything is peachy. 

Speaking of peachy, Danica — who you might know from her tremendous ukelele-based Pok?mon-themed love song from a few months ago –has written another ukelele-based love song, with a broader nerd theme. I think it’s also peachy, but I’m a sucked for pretty girls who are also great singers who make nerdy music and play the ukelele. I might be biased. Thanks to  Cindy for the tip!