Aw, Dammit, Arrow Looks Marginally Decent

My apologies, folks. The first Arrow footage came out while I was sick, and I actually had no idea there was any footage of The CW’s green-less Green Arrow series out there until about an hour ago. Chris Cummins ran one trailer, but here’s another that came out at about the same time (in case you missed it like I did), showing Oliver Queen’s rise from shipwrecked hobo to a green-suited, arrow-shooting vigilante WHO WILL NOT BE CALLED GREEN ARROW, AS THAT WOULD JUST BE RIDICULOUS. I admit, between Heroes, Smallville and The Cape, I was pretty much assuming Arrow would be another disaster, but this trailer makes it look all right. Which is kind of a bummer, actually. How am I supposed to deal with a superhero TV series that isn’t laughably awful? How the hell am I supposed to cover a superhero show with decent action and characterizations that aren’t wretched and/or absurd? I don’t know. I just don’t know! (Via Nerd Bastards)