Dreadline Brings Paranormal Mayhem to History’s Biggest Tragedies

Not to sound like an elitist jerk or anything, but I’ve never seen James Cameron’s Titanic. Its complete lack or robots and time travel, or better still, time-traveling robots, totally bummed me out. See, in my mind the perfect Titanic film looks exactly like the teaser you see above. It may not exist as a film, but at least I can play out my fantasies next year. From Boston-based indie game developers Eerie Canal comes Dreadline, an upcoming RPG/strategy PC game in which a squad of monsters that includes a ghost, a female wolf and a mummy use a time machine to wipe out the survivors of history’s greatest tragedies. Aiming for an early 2013 release, the development team is currently taking suggestions on what other calamities to feature in the game here. The art here is reminiscent of both Kate Beaton’s indie comics and the work of Carson Ellis — regular illustrator for the Decemberists, a band whose woozy sea shanties and morbid tales of woe would be a perfect fit for Dreadline‘s soundtrack. The Eerie Canal team is made up of Bryn Bennett and Steven Kimura, two industry veterans who cut their teeth working on titles ranging from the Rock Band franchise to Bioshock. With their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks, the guys are attempting to release a title that is as adorable as it is chock full of bloodlust. A fantastic example of the indie gaming ethos at its best. Thanks to SlyDante for the tip.