DVD Day: May 15th, 2012


? Chronicle

A.k.a. Superdickery: The Movie, a.ka. the Blair Superhero Project. Supposedly pretty good, but we’ll see how the director does rebooting Fantastic Four. This version includes the theatrical and director’s cut, FYI.
Here’s the first line of the first Amazon review: “Cat Planet Cuties may seem like a generic unwanted harem anime, but it’s 13 episodes explore the various themes of a harem anime in a deeper manner than you’d normally get in a harem anime. ” Uh-huh.
Spike Jonze’s fantastic film gets the Criterion treatment, and deservedly so. Includes a new documentary, a commentary track from Michel Gondry for some reason, and John Hodgman interviewing John Malkovich, among other goodies.
Someone cares, I assume.
Two almost totally forgotten children’s anime movies from the ’80s return with both English and Japanese language track, courtesy of Discotek.