G.I. Joe: Retaliation Just Got Pushed to 2013

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Were you looking forward to watching G.I Joe: Retaliation when it premiered next month on June 29th? Well, then you and I are both fucked because Paramount has decided as of today it’s going to be held back until March 2013 in order to make it 3-D. For the record, this isn’t for America so much as foreign countries, which love 3-D movies more than we do and bitch about 3-D way less.

This is still pretty fucked, though. I can’t think of a single movie that was suddenly pushed back this far this close to its premiere. I guess it’s good that Paramount has decided to take its time with the 3-D post-conversion rather than crapping it out Clash of the Titans-style, but still. Movie companies live or die their summer movie gross projections, so it’s not a simple matter of saying, “Ah, we’ll just make that money next year.” Paramount apparently had to convince co-producers SpyGlass and MGM to making this drastic move and pay for the whole thing themselves.
And what about Hasbro? Did they get any say in this? Aren’t G.I. Joe: Retaliation toys on toy shelves right now? These figures have been produced and shipped and stocked months ago; Hasbro can’t ask retail stores if they mind putting all their shit in the back until March. I wonder if Paramount has to pay Hasbro some kind of restitution for the loss they’ll incur on the Retaliation figures without an in-theaters movie to promote them, or if Hasbro is just getting totally fucked. 
In related news, FUCK YOU PARAMOUNT I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS. Dicksnacks. (Via Deadline)