Hot Toys Assembles Poverty with These New Avengers Figures

Hot Toys Loki.jpg

Proving yet again that they will not rest until every nerd on Earth is bankrupt, Hot Toys has just released images of Loki from The Avengers . As is the case with all of the company’s offerings, this 1/6th scale figure features sculpting that is so lifelike it’s creepy (the eyes…they follow me) and comes with a variety of accessories ranging from Loki’s helmet to his muzzle. Tons more pictures are available over at Comic Book Movie.The only downside? No Hulk beatdown bruised Loki head. As for your wallet, well it has a bit of a reprieve. Loki isn’t available for pre-orders just yet. But at least that should be it for their awesome Avengers figures for awhile, right?

Iron Man Mk VII.jpg

Oh son of a bitch! What you see above is Hot Toys’ prototype for Iron Man in his Avengers Mark VII armor. Real talk: If this thing comes with shawarma as an accessory, it should be the end of the action figure industry because nothing ever will even come close to reproducing its level of awesomeness. Look for this this and Loki to cause you emotional and financial torment (roughly to the tune of $199) when they are released later this year.