It’s One Universe, Under Leonard Nimoy in the Fringe Finale

Season 4 of Fringe ends tomorrow night, and it’s big enough that the show managed to pull Leonard Nimoy out of retirement to show back up as William Bell (although admittedly pulling Nimoy out of retirement doesn’t seem to be the most difficult thing to do). At any rate, here’s a trailer for the finale, which contains a bit of new footage and a lot of old footage. But some of the new footage includes Nimoy and Walter looking at verdant field with some kind of lizard people in it, so it’s worth watching. You know, not that I particularly want our universe to be destroyed — it’s where I keep all my stuff — but if has to be destroyed and then remade in someone’s image, really, we could do a lot worse than Leonard Nimoy, don’t you think? (Via io9)