Make Mine Marvel’s Massively Multiplayer Monline (Sorry)

Speaking of MMOs! The first teaser trailer for Marvel Heroes, the Marvel MMO (note the lack of the RPG) arrived yesterday to… well, not fanfare, exactly, more of a shrug, but kind of a positive shrug. It basically looks like a simpler version of the Ultimate Alliance games, which is not the worst superhero game to copy, though it looks like it’ll have a much larger hero/villain roster before it’s done. It’s not an RPG, per se, and it’s going to be browser-based — but on the plus side, that means it’s 1) free to play (although you’ll certainly have the opportunity to pay for shit in the game if you want) and 2) you can actually play as real Marvel Super Heroes, which gives it two big advantages over the DC Universe MMORPG. If nothing else, The Hollywood Reporter says Squirrel Girl will be a playable character, meaning this is technically in the running for greatest game of all time already. I bet if Doom knew Squirrel Girl was on her way he wouldn’t be quite so cocky.