Oh @#$%, DC Is Animating Dark Knight Returns


I’ll be damned. Apparently DC’s next straight-to-DVD animated project after Flashpoint will be Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. And the one after that, too — because DC will be releasing it as two movies. And other than the news that Peter Weller — Buckaroo “Robocop” Banzai himself — will be voicing Batman, that’s about all we got.

I’m kind of shocked, but I don’t really know why. After Wonder Woman and other non-Batman/Superman movies failed to sell (sigh), DC has been focusing on their hits, and about the only thing bigger than DKR is Watchmen. Hell, I’m interested in seeing it, even though I know at best it’ll be like the animated All-Star Superman — a decent retelling of a story that was told much better as a comic. It was made in a time 1) before all comics had gotten all dark n’ gritty, and 2) when Frank Miller was both insane and relevant, and you can’t recapture a setting like that (which is the same problem with Watchmen, frankly). I wish DC had the balls to animated All-Star Batman and Robin. If there was ever a comic begging to be animated it’s the one where Batman calls Robin a retard, fucks Black Canary on a filthy dock and runs around laughing insanely because it’s so fucking awesome being Batman. (Via The Hollywood Reporter)