Rejected Westeros House Mottoes: And the Winners Are

Game of Thrones Contest Winners.jpg

Before we get started with the honorable mentions and the winners. a great big huge thank you goes out to Atlus for supplying this week’s prizes. Their generosity is deeply appreciated. To refresh your memory, each of the three winners receives the new Game of Thrones RPG (in their choice of PS3 or XBox 360 format) as well as the beautiful art book Game of Thrones: Visuals from the RPG. Pretty snazzy if you ask me.

Thanks also to everyone who entered. This contest was extremely difficult to judge due to the quantity and quality of the entries, but I do appreciate all of you taking the time to come up with your rejected house mottoes. That said, winter is coming and so are the winners. Hit the jump!

Honorable Mentions:

Pedro Soto:

House Lannister: Kissing cousins? Amateurs

Quasi Mofo:

House Stark – Stop asking about our armor, that’s the OTHER House Stark!


House Greyjoy. Sticking our tentacles where they don’t belong.


House Stark: I’ve made a huge mistake.


House Baratheon: Boared to death.


House Arryn: Got Milk?


House Tyrel: Still less hated than house Targaryen!!


House Targaryen: Openly practicing the kind of sexual deviancy the Lannisters would kill to hide for 6 centuries and counting.

Fabio Rezende:

House Targaryen: Fire! Fire! Fire! (in Beavis’ Great Cornolio’s voice).


House Greyjoy: Ship happens.

Anne Packrat:

House Lannister: Vice is nice, but incest is best.

Vindica Sean:

House Arryn: Curiosity never– *ack*

Jason B:

House Lannister: A Higher Stock IPO than Facebook, motherfuckers.


House Lannister: Succeed on the backs of thy family.


House Baratheon: Repopulating Westeros one wench at a time.


House Targaryen: Do you know who I am? I’m the one who’s going to BURN YOUR CASTLE DOWN. WITH THE DRAGONS.


House of Lannister. Why do family trees need branches?


House Music: *Thump*


House Lannister: I Would Do Anything For Love (And I Will Do That!)


House Baratheon-Generations of brown hair and nobody finds anything suspicious about 3 blonde children.

Zac Fu:

Tyrel: At least we aren’t the Tullys.

Reed S.:

Baratheon: Bros before foes.

Herman Zindler:

House Tully: Nothing’s sullied like a Tully.

Gregory Bassore:

House Martell: We become important to the plot… eventually.


Tully: The Hufflepuff of Westeros.


House Stark: Winter is coming my dear old friend but always remember to stick em with the pointy end.


House Lannister: Impishly good fun.


House Tully (zombie Catelyn specifically): We’re coming to get you, Lannisters.

Mos Ben:

House Tyrel: Westeros’ #3 Creepiest Incest Family!

Grey Usurper:

Rejected due to Copyright Infringement: House Greyjoy:  Cthulhu Worshipers Anonymous.

The Infinite Pet:

House Stark: Who let the wolves out? Seriously, they’ll kill you.

Michael Jones:

For any of the following houses: Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Arryn, Greyjoy, Martell, Targaryen, Tully, and Tyrel.: Like us on Facebook.


House Martell: House Not Appearing In This Conflict.

Just Kidding Leon:

House Stark: Protagonists Always Survive.

Gabriella E.:

House Lannister: Stop It With The Incest Jokes Already.

And now, the winners:

Chris Mathis:

House Stark : You win some, then there is most of the time.

P. David Westbrook:

House Greyjoy: What’s Kraken?

Jim Meyer:

House Targaryen: Blah Blah Blah Dragons!

Congratulations to all the winners. Rob will be in touch. Thanks to everyone who entered and once again a very special thanks to Atlus for supplying the prizes.