Simon Pegg Promises Star Trek 2 Is Not a Khan Job


Who the fuck is the villain of the Star Trek 2 movie? All signs have been pointing to Khan Noonien Singh, to be played by Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch. Now, all those signs have been made at The Rumor Mill, but last we heard — who has a pretty good record with these things — assured everybody that yes, it’s Khan. Except now Famous Nerd Simon Pegg has gone on the record in stating it is not Khan. Specifically, he said it in an interview with The Telegraph.

So now what? Well, I honestly don’t believe Pegg would lie. He’s an actor, sure, but he’s also a nerd, and I don’t think he would spout bullshit just to toe the company line. He’s no Michael Bay, obviously. I trust Simon Pegg on this, and since he’s spent the last few months on set with Cumberbatch, I feel like Pegg is in a definitive position to know who the hell the villain is. Also, I really like his answer, because I still think it would be incredibly lame for the new Trek movies to just ape classic Trek’s hits. I’ve said it before, but whether you love new Trek or hate it, I think we all agree it should forge its own identity and tell its own stories. 
So I’m going with Pegg on this until a trailer comes out or someone gives me definitive proof as to Cumberbatch’s identity. It’s not Khan. Moving on. (Via /Film)