STYNKWAFAWATS*: D&D Shirts, Wolverine, Etc.

* Sometimes there’s a lot of stuff I feel you guys need to know to be well-informed nerds, but that don’t deserve full articles and aren’t easily grouped together into “trifectas.” Thus, I’m only mildly embarrassed to bring you a new article which will recur whenever I deem it appropriate — “Shit That You Need to Know Which Aren’t Full-Article Worthy and Aren’t Thematically Similar.” You may pronounce it “stink-waffa-watts.”


? We Love Fine is doing one of its design-a-nerd-shirt contests on Dungeons & Dragons. Why do I mention this? Not because the winners receive up to $2500 (as that’s normal for We Love Fine contest winners) but because I’m one of the guest judges, along with the slightly more qualified Jon Schindehette from Wizards of the Coast! You can submit your designs right here through June 1st. Then why not check out the winning Scott Pilgrim contest tees while you’re at it?
? The Wolverine sequel will begin filming in August, which means it has a slightly better chance of happening now than it has for the last year or so. Somehow, I’m a little excited about it, probably because Darren Aronovsky was once involved in the project. He’s not any more, of course, so I’m being dumb.
? The Rock is teasing that he’ll be playing a DC character soon. The guy who directed that last shitty Journey 2 the Mysterious Island movie, which starred the Rock, just got put in charge of the Lobo movie. I don’t think I need to draw you a map.
? Konami is apparently having a big semi-relaunch of the Castlevania videogame franchise by showing two new Castlevania games at E3. One will be for the DS, the other will be for the WiiU. THOSE DON’T COUNT, KONAMI.
? Long-time Lucas-underling/Star Wars producer/Dr. Evazan impersonator Rick McCallum says the Star Wars TV show is still happening, he just has no idea when or how or anything about it, really. So… same as before, really.