STYNKWAFAWATS*: Doctor Who, Toonami, Etc.


? BBC has a seven-page preview of the Doctor Who/Star Trek comic from IDW right here. Neither the crew of the Enterprise nor the Doctor show up in the first seven pages. Just warning you. Thanks to Kristin V. for the tip.

? Speaking of the Doctor, his new companion’s name is — DUN DUN DUNH! — Clara. I did not feel this warranted its own news article.
? The ratings for Toonami’s triumphant return were good, but not especially triumphant. Ratings were up among Young Males Who Advertisers Give a Shit About, but not much more than the regular Adult Swim Saturday ratings. Basically, please keep watching (Via ANN).
? SlyDante has alerted me to what is very possibly the best bundle in PC gaming — the Humble pack, which contains Psychonauts, Limbo, Amnesia, Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery, and Bastion, all for about $7. The proceeds go to charity. Oh, and you get their soundtracks, too. I’m a console guy, but goddamn, that’s amazing. I wish these things came to Xbox Live and PSN.
? The heartwarming movie about an alien who keeps touching underage boys with his glowing finger, dresses in women’s clothing, and looks for all the world like a giant, sentient scrotum is coming to Blu-ray this fall. (Via /Film)
? If you’re in the Wilmington, DE, area between June 7th and June 17th, you might want to check out “Star Wars: A New Musical Hope.” There’s a trailer here, and you can get more info and tickets here. Although if no one sings “Good Night, But Not Goodbye” I’m going to be incredibly disappointed.
* “Shit That You Need to Know Which Aren’t Full-Article Worthy and Aren’t Thematically Similar.”