The Harley Quinn Arkham City DLC Trailer Is Significantly Less Amazing than AC3

I know I was originally excited that Rocksteady was making a new DLC pack for Batman: Arkham City starring Harley Quinn. I think I was wrong. I know I was wrong about reporting you could play as Harley Quinn, since the pack is about Batman hunting Harley after the events of AC, but back to the first thing: This trailer for the DLC is short, offers no gameplay, and I’m pretty sure Harl’s gone all depressed and emo on us. I remain open to believing it could be enjoyable, but a morose Harley Quinn sounds like no fun at all… uh, on a couple of levels. I guess. Well, I suppose we take some comfort in that one thing is staying the same between the game and the DLC, and that’s that all women are still referred to only as bitches. Consistency! (Via Kotaku)