The Quietly Desperate Life of the Forgotten Mario Brother

Dealing with family can be difficult, especially if you are the one handling the responsibilities while the rest of your relatives are out being carefree. Enter Giuseppe. He’s the Mario brother that doesn’t get the glory and excitement. There’s no nights of romance with Princess Peach for him, he’s too busy running the plumbing business for his wayward siblings. The people at Dorkly understand his plight. They created the above video that looks at the indignities Giuseppe endures while Mario and Luigi are off gallivanting with their weirdo pals. His story will make you laugh and think. But it just might tug at your heartstrings a little bit too. This one gets bonus points for blowing the lid off of Yoshi’s dirty little secret. You just know that thing would be shitting absolutely everywhere.

This concludes Topless Robot‘s broadcast day. Rob will return in the morning for you. That is If he isn’t supervising production of the One Piece amusement park…