There’s Going to Be a New DC Fighting Game That Completely Misses the Point

To everyone who’s been waiting their entire lives for a decent DC fighting game: I have good news and bad news. The good news is that a new DC fighting game coming out. The bad news is that it’s being made by the Mortal Kombat folks again. The additional good news is that this time there won’t be any MK people in it, so the game will actually focus on DC characters. But the additional bad news is that instead of playing as the normal versions of your favorite DC characters, they’re all going to be evil and wearing crazy armor. Why NetherRealm would make a game about the Injustice League — which I assume this is what this is, what with all the “OUR GREATEST HEROES ARE OUR GREATEST THREATS” hoohah and the fact that game is actually titled Injustice — instead of just the regular DC heroes is beyond me, but oh well. I’m actually more concerned how Batman kicked Solomon Grundy through a fucking building. Thanks to Tina B. for the tip! (Via Kotaku)