Whoa, There’s Going to Be A One Piece Amusement Park

One Piece.jpg

I think I know where Rob is moving to. From Anime News Network:

The People’s Daily Online newspaper reported on Monday that the One Piece manga and anime series inspired plans for a theme park
in the city of Dafeng in China’s Jiangsu Province. According to the
Chinese newspaper, 500 million yuan (about US$79 million) will be
invested in the project.

The One Piece theme park will be
constructed on a 133-hectare (about 329-acre) plot of land. Planned
attractions include themed restaurants and an anime research center.

The project aims to promote the development of Dafeng’s already prominent tourism industry.

This is nothing but good news for the One Piece franchise. It is already hugely successful, but a theme park will take its popularity to the next level while also broadening its global awareness. (Not to mention drain the wallets of anime nerds from around the world). There’s no word yet on what type of attractions will be featured in the park — water rides seem like a no-brainer though — so leave your hopes in the comments.