They Live + Mad Men = Branded

With all the Amazing Spider-Mans and G.I. Joe: Retaliations and Dark Knight Riseses coming out, it can be hard to remember other nerd movies are still being made. Movies like Branded, in which Rowdy Roddy Piper some young dude discovers the world is secretly full of aliens with great hair monsters made out of advertising that are controlling everybody’s minds controlling everybody’s minds. I’m not sure what allows this guy to see the ad monsters sucking on everyone’s brains — it doesn’t appear he has a special set of sunglasses or anything — and I would imagine this guy is going to try to save the world instead of simply engaging in the world’s greatest fight scene, but… ah fuck it, now I just want to watch They Live again. IS THIS THE RESULT OF SECRET ADVERTISING CONTROLLING MY BRAIN? Because if it is, making me want to see a 25-year-old movie instead of the new one they just made probably isn’t what they were shooting for. (Via First Showing)