Well, MechWarrior Online Will Include Warring with Mechs

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Piranha’s MechWarrior Online browser game. In fact, the last time I remember talking about it is when I was bitching about it being free and online and thus was going to be too simple to enjoy. Well, Piranha just released this new gameplay video, and I’ve had a sudden realization: I suck at videogames. Bad. Especially PC games. So if I want any chance of being okay at and/or actually enjoying MechWarrior Online, it probably should be pretty simple, like a graphically updated version of the original MechWarrior, which is all I really want anyways. So I take it all back. I’d like to apologize to Piranha and whoever else, and let everyone know I’m pretty damn excited about MechWarrior Online now. Sorry for any inconvenience my stupidity may have caused.