Yuzzum Better Watch His Back

Yes, Yuzzum — the creature who sang “Jedi Rocks” in the Return of the Jedi special edition, should watch his back. Not just because he sucks, mind you, but because this guy is a much better singer of Star Wars-related music, as evidenced by his one-man a cappella rendition of the Star Wars main theme. It’s very well done, but I find myself more drawn to the mystery of his wide assortment of t-shirts, all identical except for the color (although they’re all dark). Where did he get them? Does he only have one shirt in each color, or are there multiples? What happened in his life to make this one type of shirt his primary apparel? Hmm. 

In related news, if you’re singing an a cappella song of anything from Star Wars, you don’t need to play air instruments, too. You’ve already maxed out your nerdy. Everything else is overkill. Thanks to James S. for the tip.