America Still Loves the Amazing Spider-Man’s “Small Knives” Scene, Apparently

Realizing that putting Spidey’s “small knives” quip into every single Amazing Spider-Man trailer and TV spot released for the last three months might be too cautious a strategy, Sony finally went ahead and released the whole damn carjacking scene as a clip. Now we can all see the shocking, moving circumstances that led Spider-Man to first utter the words “Small knives!” a phrase that has brought us, all ages, all colors, all creeds, together as a nation in hopes that maybe, just maybe, this isn’t Spidey’s only goddamn joke in the entire movie.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, Sony is foolishly trying to market the film with action scenes and new footage of Spidey and the Lizard fighting.
Ha! They don’t even say “small knives” once in this trailer! I guess Sony’s given up on the Asian market entirely. Maybe the Godzilla reference will help, though. All Asian people like Godzilla, right? Because all Asian countries are completely the same with the exact same tastes? I’m pretty sure that’s right. Thanks to Dallas P. for the tip.