Behold the Semi-Glory of the Gundam Hotel Room

The Grand Pacific Le Daiba hotel and Tokyo just released this video tour of its new, opening-today Gundam-themed hotel room (it’s situated near the giant Gundam statue in Odaiba). What blows me away is not the awesome cockpit desk, the themed stationary, or the Amuro Ray toilet. It’s not the fact that the rooms appear to be divided into Earth Federation and Zeon sides, it’s not the in-scale painting of the kids in the closet, and it’s not the incredibly disapproving picture of Lalah Sune staring at you whenever you reach for a cocktail glass. No, what blows me away is that it’s the largest fucking Japanese hotel room I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Seriously! I’ve stayed in some serious nice Tokyo hotels in my time, and I’ve never been in one that was even the size of one of those rooms. And it starts at $340? That’s a goddamn steal! Sieg Zeon!