DC Is as Crazy as Catwoman Is Misshapen and Twisted

First things first: For their one year anniversary of reseting the entirety of the DC Universe and renumbering every single comic they produce, DC is… uh… renumbering all their issues again. In August, every comic will get a #0 issue, in which, according to Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras, “some issues will tell the origins of a character or team, or in some case[s]where an origin has already been told, they will fill in the blanks in terms of questions readers may have about the New 52 DC Universe.”

Why DC is telling these origins in August 2012 instead of 2011 when these comics first began — since it was supposed to be a reboot that allowed new readers to get in on the ground-floor and all — and why DC is bothering to renumber them when they literally just renumbered their whole goddamn universe a year ago and when all this can possibly cause is confusion to new readers is beyond me. But this isn’t the stupidest part of “Zero Month” or whatever they’re going to call it.


No, that honor goes the the cover of Catwoman #0 (confusingly labeled as #1, I know) in which Catwoman has been physically cut in half, and the two portions of her torso placed next to each other in order to make both her tits and ass as prominent as possible. I guess her new origin is that she was an assistant for a really shitty magician or something, because there’s no chance any human body could position itself like that. When asked for a comment, Frank Miller’s Wonder Woman said, “Damn that looks painful.” Gamma Squad has a nice little collection of artists making mercilessly fun of the cover, which is well worth checking out. (Via Comics Alliance)